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Hot Air Ballooning above Morocco’s Western High Atlas plains: Every day – Year-round, Except in Summer (15th July to 15th September).

For the past 225 years, the hot air balloon has been one of the most sought after ways to see the landscape. Unlike a plane which is too high and too fast to allow you to appreciate the land below you, the hot air balloon allows you to take in everything you see.As a result, when you are in an amazing country like Morocco, you can’t truly appreciate the sheer and awesome beauty of the landscape unless you see it from above. When hot air ballooning in Morocco as part of a custom travel to Morocco package, you will see things in a completely new way.


Morocco desert tours
hot air ballooning in morocco

With an excellent Morocco tour operator like Advisor Morocco Travel, your air ballooning tours in Morocco will be an experience that you will remember for years to come.Custom travel to Morocco is not complete without trying out some Morocco adventure ballooning. Think about it seeing the dunes of the Sahara Desert from high in the air, or cruising along beside the Atlas Mountains as you look down on the majesty of one of the most beautiful countries in the world while you are hot air ballooning in Morocco.When people decide on customized tours in Morocco, they often focus only on Morocco trekking adventures, but the truth is hot air ballooning in Morocco is well-worth your time on any visit to the country.


Leaving from Marrakech, you will enjoy a one hour course that will take you over Morocco where you will see oases, Berber villages, terraced irrigated fields of the Oueds Tinsift and Nfis of the Al Hawuz Plain. Hot air ballooning in Morocco a life experience you are unlikely to find anywhere else in the world.
When you go with one of the best Morocco tour operators, Advisor Morocco Travel, you will be given a scenic tour, complete with travel to and from the landing site, as well as food during the mid-day break.

hot air ballooning in morocco
hot air ballooning in morocco

Hot air balloon rides in Morocco are an amazing experience that will leave you breathless as you sour high above the Moroccan countryside. When you choose Morocco adventure ballooning for your ballooning adventures, you are taking the steps to ascend to the heavens of the country.

Through Advisor Morocco Travel, your customized tours of Morocco will not be complete without a ballooning adventure from a great Morocco tour operator. Let our years of experience help you enjoy hot air ballooning in Morocco.

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