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To make Tours in Casablanca Morocco you should firstly knwo some of history of this city, Casablanca is a widely famous city of Morocco. The city was founded in 7th century when the nomadic Berber people decided to settle down. In 1580 to 1640, the city was ruled by Spanish and Portuguese rulers and was left later when the city was destroyed due to an earthquake. It was later rebuilt by Sultan Mohammed Ben Abdallah and presently it stands as the business capital of Morocco. It is highly industrialized and a popular holiday destination as it gives the visitors on Casablanca Morocco Travel a glimpse of the modern life of Morocco. Casablanca souks and markets sell all the traditional as well as modern goods. Visitors can explore various architectures in the day and relax at the night clubs and restaurants at nights. Casablanca Morocco Travel is a popular among visitors for its perfect exotic blend of ancient and modern lifestyles.

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Some Major of Tours in Casablanca Morocco Attractions

The Old Medina and New Medina: Old Medina is famous among visitors for buying exquisite jewelry, handicrafts and decoration items. It is a completely traditional town with an 18th century fortress and it also has the tomb of Saint Sidi Alla El-Kairouani, the patron saint of the city. The New Medina on the other hand was created by French architects as modern casbah which are also called Habous Quarter.

Hassan II Mosque: These are one of the most famous religious structures in Casablanca in Morocco. The mosque can accommodate around 25,000 worshippers inside and around 80,000 worshippers in the courtyard. The mosque is spread in an area of nine hectares and contains a spacious museum, library, hamam and conference facilities. It welcomes every religion and even non-muslims can take special guided tours around the mosque during Casablanca Morocco Travel.

Place Mohammed V: It is one of the most popular and desired destinations for visiting public squares in Morocco. Visitors can find numerous government offices, souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants in this square. People who like to explore diverse architecture the city of Casablanca is a perfect place to find some wonderful works of French colonial architecture.

The Marabout: It is located on a small rocky island which can be accessed when the tide is low. Known as a religious site this place is believed to be the burial place of holy men. It is famous among visitors from foreign countries and pilgrims come here for its religious significance and to explore the great healing powers this place is known to have.

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